Entry Requirements:

For the Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, the courses offered extend over a period of three years for direct-entry students, and four years for students who gain admission through the entrance examination.

Direct-entry candidates are required to have obtained the General certificate of Education at Advanced level, or the higher School Certificate at Principal Level, in Chemistry and Biology, or Plant Science and Biotechnology or Zoology and Environmental Biology plus credits in either Mathematics or Physics in the West African School Certificate, or its equivalent. Entrance examination candidates must have passed at credit level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language and Mathematics in the West African School Certificate, or its equivalent. Students from other departments who wish to take courses in Biology, Chemistry and Elementary Mathematics in the West African School Certificate, or attained a similar standard at an equivalent examination.

Candidates with the following diploma certificates may be considered for admission by direct entry: The Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE); three-year diploma of College of technology and Polytechnics (HND) and the Interim joint Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria).

Academic Programmes (B.Sc. Degree)

Stress Area

Courses in the programme are grouped into nine stress areas as follows:

General Biochemistry

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Tissue Biochemistry

Physical Biochemistry

Nutritional Biochemistry


Plant Biochemistry

Pharmacological Biochemistry

Biochemical Methods