The four Departments in the Faculty of Biological Sciences run undergraduate programmes leading to the award of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree and postgraduate programmes lead to the award of Master of Science (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. The department of Microbiology runs an additional postgraduate programme that leads to the award of a postgraduate diploma (PGD) in brewing sciences.

In addition to the  single honours programmes, the faculty offers undergraduate programmes that lead to the award of combine honours degrees in the under listed subject combinations:

  1. Biochemistry/Plant Science and Biotechnology
  2. Biochemistry/Microbiology
  3. Biochemistry/ Zoology and Environmental Biology
  4. Plant Science and Biotechnology / Zoology and Environmental Biology
  5. Plant Science and Biotechnology /Chemistry
  6. Plant Science and Biotechnology / Biochemistry
  7. Microbiology/ Biochemistry
  8. Microbiology /Chemistry
  9. Zoology and Environmental Biology / Chemistry
  10. Zoology and Environmental Biology/Biochemistry
  11. Zoology and Environmental Biology/ Plant Science and Biotechnology

For students admitted into a combined honours programme, one of the subjects’ serves as a major or stress area of study. Conventionally, the first course mentioned in each of the combinations serves as both the stress area and the base department of the student.

The entry requirements for both the single honours and the combined honours programmes are described in the appropriate sections of this handbook. Usually, the faculty offers both the four-year B.Sc. programme for students admitted through the entrance examination (UME) and a three year programme for students admitted via direct entry (DE).